HESPER LOGOHESPER is a public health research laboratory focused on health services performance at both the level of medical care and medico-social management and in term of promoting health and prevention.

Technological developments in healthcare, e-health, personalized medicine, and changes in organizations, professional practices and the respective roles of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, with the concepts of patient-centered care, patient-reported outcomes, and patient engagement, more than ever must be accompanied by research into the positive and negative impacts of new technologies and organizations on human health and on the economy.

HESPER is an interdisciplinary team with researchers in the fields of clinical medicine, public health, education, sociology, geography and health economics and close collaborations with social psychology and management sciences teams. Created in 2016, it is structured on two axis :

Axis 1: The performance of health care services to measure and improve healthcare services safety and performance:

- Individual and collective determinants of  performance,

- Scientific evaluation of performance indicators,

- Research methods to measure the impact of actions.

Axis 2: The patient/User to measure and improve the safety and performance of the patient's pathway:

- Analysis of the determinants of pathways breaks,

- Development and evaluation of patients engagement / empowerment  methods,

- Development and evaluation support systems to the referral (system "navigation").

The team members working on the MARVELOUS project are Cyrille Colin, Laurent Derex, Antoine Duclos, Anne Marie Schott, and Hassan Serrier.