Logo Cynbiose

Cynbiose is a French company (SME), created in October 2008, of innovative services dedicated to the use of non-human primates (NHP) for biomedical research. Cynbiose, one of the rare private expert companies in experimental primatology in Europe, replies to the need to carry out exploratory studies with the aim to reduce time of drug development. Cynbiose gives access to NHP models for private and academic research answering to the high constraints due to the use of these sensitive animal models. Cynbiose is associated with different strategic partners: first, with the national veterinary school of Lyon (VetAgro-Sup) for the facilities already available at the Institut Claude Bourgelat. Second, with the only one private company in Europe named Bioprim dedicated to the import and quarantine of NHP for research with high sanitary controls and third with breeding colonies around the world (mainly in Mauritius). Cynbiose is part of a platform at VetAgro-Sup with several veterinary expertises like ethical committee, laboratory analyses, histology surgery and imaging.

The MARVELOUS project is a unique opportunity for Cynbiose to enlarge its know-how; it will contribute to the development of future services of the company. Up to now, several NHP models for different human diseases were already developed by Cynbiose. Through MARVELOUS, Cynbiose has the hope to be recognized in a near future as a referred Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to the development of preclinical assessment of anti-stroke strategies. Moreover, this project will allow Cynbiose to be more involved at the level of the “Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes” in biomedical research programs mainly. Its membership of the competitiveness cluster Lyonbiopôle will contribute to increase the economical added value of the company through a higher expertise and the recruitment of skilled people.

The team members working on the MARVELOUS projet are Hugues Contamin, Michael Verset, and Océane Wateau.